True Piece Perk Tier List 2023 Best True Piece Perks Tier List

True Piece Perk Tier List 2022 Best True Piece Perks Tier List

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True Piece Perk Tier List 2023 Best True Piece Perks Tier List is our today’s topic. In Roblox’s newest online game, True Piece, you may be a pirate or a marine. And establish your reputation with perks, awards, and bounties to show off your status while strengthening your offensive and defensive skills. The game brings you to a virtual world where you learn various forms of combat.

And weapons and explore new realms while fighting your bosses. And collecting rare perks to improve your talents and skills. The thrills rise while you play the game due to the unique bonuses known as True Perks. Players in the United States of America want to know the whole Perk Tiers List.

True Piece Perk Tier List 2023 Best True Piece Perks Tier List

What Exactly Is Roblox True Piece?

Roblox True Piece is a Roblox course game based on the famous anime game One Piece. The game begins with a mediocre character, and players must be more motivated to advance the character’s position and rank as a pirate or marine.

As the game develops, players will encounter many demon fruits, which will boost their strength and skills. Another distinguishing component of the game is the perks system. Passive bonuses and benefits are provided by spinning. The table below provides a helpful reference to the genuine Perk Tiers for all players worldwide, including those from the United States.

What Exactly Are True Perk Systems?

Perks are distinct benefits and boosts that enable players to earn new powers that allow them to develop, boost, and enhance their characters on the field. The game is more exciting for players because of the bonuses, benefits, and awards.

All players should get these benefits and rewards while playing. This tutorial will teach you about the many perks and rewards available to gamers.

The All-new True Piece Perk Tier List For Players

  • Vitality: It provides you with an extra 20 health bases.
  • Luck- It provides the opportunity to make critical hits.
  • Runner – This perk helps you boost your basic speed. And enables you to speed up inside the base region without exerting extra effort.

Legendary Benefits?

Kenbunshoku Advanced Lowers the Haki cost for dodges.
Advanced Busoshoku enables the use of full-body Haki and needs 400 Buso Mastery. You will also get an extra HP Weapon Busoshoku: Gives you weapon power. And a power increase when triggered Haki aoshoku with Red Hair – It utilizes the Haoshoku, improves the range, and decreases the time to cool down.

The Unusual Benefits

  • The following is a list of the very uncommon Real Perk Tiers.
  • Finger Gun Upgrade Improved Finger Gun reduces the skill’s cooldown while enhancing finger gun damage and increasing the possibility of a passive critical hit.
  • Improved Moon Walk – gain an extra moonwalk and a quicker cooling time.
  • Increases rankyaku damage while decreasing cooldown.
  • Paper Art with Improved Design – Increases the possibility of stimulating the paper’s body.
  • Iron Body Enhanced – Increase the force of the block and the strength of passive armor.
  • Instant Transmission – Increase range while decreasing cooling time.

Benefits from God

What is Haoshoku? When you are low in health, the perk will trigger Haoshoku. It does not need the buy of a gaming pass.


If you like the Roblox True Piece game, be sure to take advantage of the perks. And extras listed in the True Piece Perk Tier List above. Perks come with specific powers that assist you to increase your talents. And skills so you can get the most out of the game.

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